this is jim

"This Is Jim" is an ongoing character-driven multi-medium concept about a man named Jim and the viewers ability to look inside his memories, from seemingly mundane moments in everyday life to existential pangs of emotional baggage.

This Is Jim is now also available to read through Tapastic and Webtoons! Download the mobile apps and subscribe for daily page updates!

Currently, Jim exists as the main subject in his feature book "This Is Jim" (available on Gumroad here!), as the poster child of the Facebook page of the same name, and as the primary character in the upcoming video-game "Jim: The Apartment RPG." (currently on hiatus)

Demo Download: PC | Mac

Tanner Simmons - Concept, Game Design, Art, Animation

Dillon Sommerville - Game Design, Programming, Animation

Stephen Lichota - Composer, Sound FX

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